Final Transfer of Brunswick Naval Air Station Property to Southern Maine Community College Complete 

Wednesday was a big day for the Maine Community College System.The system acquired the Brunswick Naval Air Station property.The property has five buildings and twenty acres of land and is home to the new midcoast campus of Southern Maine Community College.SMCC is one of the fastest growing community colleges in New England.School officials say this expansion will let them enroll even more students.” As a campus, a chance to attract new businesses that come in there. I know all the new businesses that are moved in are already tied to working with Southern Maine Community College, which is the college that operates the Midcoast. We’ll help them supply the workers they need. So this is a wonderful synergy between can government can do, what higher education can do and the private sector coming in. In a state that’s been struggling with this economy, Midcoast is an absolute bright spot,” said Maine Community College System President, John Fitzsimmons.Current midcoast campus programs include composites and nursing.Heavy equipment maintenance and several other certificate degree programs will be offered there next fall.