Recount Ends Hampden Town Council Race 

A city council race in Hampden came to an end Monday with a recount.Town officials spent the afternoon overseeing the process.As Caroline Connolly shows us, not much has changed.Election day was nearly three weeks ago, but in Hampden the votes have only just been added up.”The difference in the final analysis by Mr. Brann and Mr. Gray was 19 votes,” said Hampden Town Manager, Susan Lessard. Earlier this month, incumbent Thomas Brann beat District 2 challenger Mark Gray out for a town council seat, but then word circulated that the town had incorrectly distributed some of the ballots.”Five ballots were given incorrectly. Four in District 4, four too many, one too many in District 3 and five too few in District 2, which means that five people were given the wrong ballot,” said Lessard.She says that wouldn’t have actually affected the outcome of Brann and Gray’s council race, but Gray says his supporters wanted a recount.”There’s no connection from one situation to the other. Our counters count the ballots that were cast,” said Lessard.Gray and Brann each chose two people to conduct the recount.They spent the afternoon counting nearly six hundred votes.”While it is certainly troubling that it occurred at all it is, from the numbers that we see, not reason to think that is in any way undid an election,” said Lessard.In this case it didn’t undo what an original count found. Brann won again with 304 votes to Gray’s 285.