Penquis Stresses the Importance of Early Childhood Education 

Early childhood education is one of the best investments. It prepares kids for school now and prepares them to be productive members of the work force when they’re older. Head Start and Early Head Start are early childhood education programs which serve children in families with incomes at or below the poverty level. Research reveals that these programs provide educational, economic, health, and law enforcement benefits. For more information contact Penquis at 973-3500 or visit www.penquis.orgExample EducationalStudy reveals positive impacts for 3- and 4-year-old childrenenrolled in Head Start on pre-reading, pre-writing, vocabulary and Early Head Start children demonstrated a higher level of social-emotional development.Example of the Economic BenefitsStudy showed that society receives nearly $9 in benefits for every $1 invested in these HS children. These benefits include increased earnings, employment, and family stability, and decreased welfare dependency, crime costs, grade repetition, and special education.Examples of Health BenefitsHead Start provides health and dental services to children and families who might otherwise not have them. Parents who participate in HS are found to have greater quality of life satisfaction: increased confidence in coping skills: and decreased feelings of anxiety, depression, and sickness. Research suggests that HS reduces childhood obesity. HS children are at least eight percentage points more likely to have had their immunizations than those children who did not attend preschool.Examples of Law Enforcement Benefits.HS benefits its children and society-at-large by reducing crimeand its costs to crime victims. Head Start children are significantly less likely to have been charged with a crime than their siblings who did not participate in Head Start.Penquis Head Start and Early Head Start Have OpeningsIf parents are looking for an Early Education Program Penquis Head Start and Early Head Start currently have openings in the greater Bangor area. Not too late to enroll their children. Child care is available.