Black Friday a “Family Affair” For One Maine Family 

The country’s biggest retailers got an early start to Black Friday this year.Stores like Best Buy and Target opened at midnight, the first time for both stores.One of the managers of Best Buy said most shopping die-hards don’t seem to mind.”We’ve heard a lot of good things. Everyone’s pretty excited some people don’t like to get up in the morning so now they can come out and at night and get their shopping done,” said Mobile Manager Nicole Bakus.Shawn Bouchard from East Millinocket camped out at 9 pm Wednesday night to ensure his spot as the first person in line.Bouchard calls Black Friday shopping a “family tradition.” They’ve been Black Friday shoppers for the past ten years.He and his family split up between stores. His daughter, Shawna, was actually the first person in line at Target.Will the midnight openings be a trend or was this a one year event?No one is saying for sure at this point.They’ll review this year’s outcome before making their decision.