Manna Ministries Preps to Serve Hundreds Thanksgiving Dinner 

Ask anyone who has prepared Thanksgiving dinner and they’ll tell you it’s no easy task. Jim McCormick knows this first hand.”We get all the turkeys ready, we’ve got most of the potatoes ready, just kind of everything assembled and lined up and counted out,” said McCormick of Orono.He and other volunteers at Manna Ministries are cooking 20 turkeys plus pounds and pounds of other food. They’re making Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds. “Anywhere from 200 to 300. This is our 13th year of doing this and you just can’t tell,” said Manna’s Executive Director Bill Rae.But after 13 years, Manna has figured out how to get it all done. Volunteers start prepping days before the holiday. “Many hands coming together and preparing salads and turkey and stuffing and potatoes so we can serve this community,” said Rae.All the food is taken to the Columbia Street Baptist Church where it’s heated and served.”It’ll be like a huge family dinner. We’ll talk, we’ll share, we’ll laugh,” said Rae.The folks at Manna understand that not everyone has the means to make Thanksgiving dinner themselves.Rae said, “When a family comes in after Thanksgiving and says to me without you and without this community we’d never have been able to eat, that’s what keeps me going.”And keeps those at Manna thankful for the generousity of others.