Kiss 94.5’s Mike and Mike Get Help from Surry Elementary School 

A bus load of kindergarteners and first graders made a stop at the Bangor Mall on Tuesday. They traveled from Surry Elementary School with non-perishable food items in tow.”I brought in a bag full of noodles and all kinds of food,” said 5-year-old Bobby Lloyd, student at Surry Elementary.They came to help out Kiss 94.5’s Mike and Mike with their food drive for Manna Ministries. The morning show duo is camping out in the hopes of filling this truck with food.”Those kids are amazing. They collected that food over a week and a half and they seem to really enjoy the act of giving and making a difference,” said Kiss 94.5’s Mike Dow.A school of just about 100 students was able to gather more than 250 items.”We might be a small school but we have a big heart and we like to give back to the community that we live in,” said kindergarten teacher Miranda Engstrom.The food these kids gathered will help feed families turning to Manna for help during the holidays and beyond.”They won’t even have any food and they won’t be able to eat,” said Lloyd.Donating is teaching the kids a life lesson.Kiss 94.5’s Mike Elliott said, “It’s important for kids to learn early that we have to help each other out.”While teaching the community that people of all ages can give back.