Trio Named Red Cross Real Heroes for Actions Christmas Eve In Northport 

It was a typical Christmas family gathering in Maine. Christmas Eve and the kids were outside playing, then the fun was shattered, by a shout.”My cousin ( Julie Cerone) and I were sledding outside, then my grandmother comes outside screaming for help.” Even that didn’t trigger fear in then 13 year old Diana Tyutyunnyk. “Well I saw a little bit of smoke coming outside and so my first reaction maybe was she burned something or maybe there was like a small fire in the kitchen, nothing severe. And then when I came close to the house, the house was filled with black intoxicating smoke and I knew this was not a small fire. It would be something more.”It was something more and Diana immediately went inside because she knew her two year old sister was somewhere behind that black, acrid smoke.”I couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t, I could only hear my grandmother and my little sister Sophia,” said Diana. “I got my sister out. I did not get my grandmother out. I just ran for my sister and then I ran down to the neighbor’s house and I didn’t get my grandmother.”Nina was still trying to go back inside and grab personal belongings and mementos while Diana took off with her little sister to the neighbors house, where Jason Thurston had just returned home from the store minutes earlier.”Jason opened the door and I told him call 9-1-1 cause their house is on fire and so they did and after that, Jason sprints towards the burning house,” said Diana. “After that I don’t know what happened.”Jason went inside the burning house to make sure Diana’s grandmother got out safely. He was credited by first responders and family for saving Nina’s life.”I just want to thank Jason for everything he did.”The 2011 Red Cross Real Hero Award Winners are :Jason ThurstonDiana TyutyunnykJulie Cerone