Chicken with Ginger and Saffron 

Recipe Courtesy: Bich Nga BurrillTo prep the meat:2lbs. of chicken breast cut into 1inch cubes1/2 t salt1/2 t black pepper1T cornstarch1T garlic oil or vegetable oil In a medium bowl mixed well, set asideVegetables and spices:1 sweet onion cut into cubes2 bell peppers cut into cubesA pinch of Saffron2T fresh grated ginger2T brown sugar2T brandy or rice wine2T light soy sauce1T dark soy sauce1/2 cup chicken stock In wok with high heat, swirl in 2T oil, when a wisp of smoke appears, add chicken and move it quickly all around to brown it evenly, toss in ginger and saffron, take time between each ingredient. When the aroma of ginger and saffron fully surface, sprinkle in sugar, let it caramelize before drizzling in the brandy, wait a little time here before tossing in onion, peppers, soy sauce and broth. Cover it up, cook from 3-4 minutes. Chicken should be cooked through, but vegetables should be firm and crisp, so it can be good and ready to reheat the next day if you plan to be on a diet. Note: I really do believe this dish tastes even better the next day and so does my family.