Red Cross Real Heroes Recognized at Breakfast 

They are regular people, who have done courageous acts to help save others lives.Thursday, several mainers were honored as heroes.It was the annual Real Heroes Breakfast, hosted by the Pine Tree Chapter of the American Red Cross.This is the fifteenth year and these heroes come from across the state.Some helped rescue people onboard a plane that crashed, others helped rescue folks from a vehicle submerged in water.” When you speak to these people afterwards and we recognize them they say I’m not a hero. I just did what I had to do in the moment I wouldn’t have changed or done anything different,” said Emergency Services Director Gretchen O’Grady.WNSX 97.7 received the Extra Mile Hero Award for all they do to help out the red cross.You can meet this year’s Red Cross Heroes starting Thursday on TV-5 News at five. We will continue featuring them next week in the morning and five pm newscasts.