Postcards Delivered to Maine’s Senators in Support of Safe Chemicals Act 

An environmental health group is sending a message to Senators Snowe and Collins.That message came in the form of 5,000 postcards urging the senators to support the Safe Chemicals Act. The Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine gathered outside the Federal Building in Bangor on Wednesday before delivering the post cards to the senators’ offices.The act would require chemical companies to prove their chemicals are safe before they can be used in consumer products.”We would like them to take a public stance on chemical safety reform. We know that they have a great tradition of bipartisan leadership, having Maine lead the way to sensible policies so we’re hoping that they will stand up and do what they’ve been doing for years,” said Emma Halas-O’Connor, organizer at the Environmental Health Strategy Center.They’re sending this message because Thursday morning the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works will be discussing the act.