New Type of Neighborhood Coming to Belfast 

A different kind of community is coming to Belfast. On Tuesday, the town broke ground on a new ecovillage to be made up of energy efficient homes.”They’re using about 10 times less energy for heating than a standard house built to current code,” said Alan Gibson, Partner at GO Logic, the architecture firm for the project.Folks who live here will only spend a few hundred dollars a year on energy costs. But that’s not the only reason future community members were drawn to this neighborhood. The 36 units will be a co-housing community, meaning they’ll share resources and a common house.”That will have a big kitchen, big dining facilities, a root cellar, kids rooms, guest rooms. That’s kind of the heart of the community,” said Gibson.24 units have already been sold. Those homeowners are looking forward to working closely with their neighbors.”We’ll grow a lot of our own food. We’ll share a lot of things in common, tools and mowers and things like that,” said Jeffrey Mabee, who will be moving into the community. Former Senator George Mitchell commends the sustainability of the community.”I think it takes a project like this to create an awareness that by acting together we can do something,” said Mitchell.Being together is what the young members of this project are looking forward to the most.”I want to be with my friends and be with a lot of people and have fun and be able to walk to my friends house,” said Pia Gibson, a future member of the community.Some families will move in to their units this spring. The full community will be complete by 2013.