Downeast School Student Rides to School in Fire Truck 

Forget the school bus, a kindergarten student at Downeast School in Bangor got a much fancier ride to school on Monday. TV 5 tagged along. It’s not your typical school bus but for kindergartener Aidan Poirier, a fire truck from Station 6 in Bangor was his bus for the morning. ” For a lot of kids, we’re heroes and for a lot of kids this is a really cool thing,” said Jake Johnson with the Bangor Fire Department. Aidan won the ride at last month’s Fire and Safety Prevention Open House in bangor. ” We signed up not thinking that we would win,” said Elissa Poirer, Aidan’s mom. Aidan was all smiled during the ride. ” We can kinda see that gleam in their eye that they’re very excited to do this. It kinda reminds us that yeah, we were kids too once,” said Johnson. While, Aidan loved the experience, his mom doesn’t expect him to become a firefighter. ” He wants to be Tom Brady,” Poirer said with a smile. That’s a fine goal too.