Bangor Elects New Council Chair – Update 

The Bangor City Council has three new members.The three winning candidates from last Tuesday’s election, James Gallant, Ben Sprague, and Joe Baldacci were sworn in Monday morning and a new Council Chair was selected.Nelson Durgin nominated Cary Weston for the position of chair and Pat Blanchette nominated herself.Five council members voted for Weston, giving him the position as the Chairman for the next year.He said Bangor has some tough challenges ahead, but overall is in good shape “Quite honestly, what we need to go to work for is looking at the budget, we have some revenue shortfalls that we can’t control, we have some things that we know but we also have some things that we don’t know, and that’s the number one concern for this council, making sure that the tax rate is appropriate and we do what’s right for keeping the services for the city of Bangor and we’re going to go to work on that very, very quickly.”Weston takes over for Susan Hawes, who served as council chair this past year. The first city council meeting with Weston as chair will be Monday night at 7.