Bangor City Council Faces Challenges And Changes 

The Bangor City Council held a swearing in ceremony this morning for three new membersl….Ben Sprague, Joe Baldacci, and James Gallant were elected last week…Cary Weston was voted new Council Chair, replacing Susan Hawes, who served as chair for the past year.Two years ago when Weston was elected to the Council, he was the youngest member, now the council has gotten even younger.”I was the young guy by ten years and now I feel like I have gray hair,” said Weston. “It’s very interesting, but I tell you what’s been happening over the last four or five years is that there has been a wave of energy from the younger generation, if you will, to not only find out what Bangor’s all about, but to get involved and make a difference. I’m happy to see that take place and the young folks that are now joining us on the Council are just representative of the spirit that we see in Bangor with that new vibe and that new essence, it’s appropriate for them to be here.”The wave started with last year’s election of then 21 year old Charlie Longo Junior to the Council…The youth movement continued last week with Ben Sprague and James Gallant being elected to the City Council, their first public office.”I felt that there needed to be some new blood, there needed to be some new fresh ideas, get a more business friendly environment have an understanding of our taxpayers, listen to them, truly listen, not in one ear or out the other but truly listen,” said Gallant. “Understand where they are coming from and ultimately work for the people and that’s what made me run.”With the recent changes to Bangor, it’s not a surprise to Weston younger leaders are being elected, but he also knows there’s still work to be done. “We have some fantastic spirit, we have a rekindling of our downtown if you will, we just have a vibe in Bangor that’s getting noticed statewide and beyond and it’s our job to make sure that kindle grows into a roaring fire and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure that economic activity, services and taxes are really paid attention to and we do what’s right for the city.”