Senator Collins Thanks Bangor Police Chief for Supporting Heavy Truck Measure 

Senator Collins dropped by the Bangor Police Station on Friday to say “thank you.”She’s appreciative of the support Police Chief Ron Gastia gave for a law that allows heavier trucks on highways in Maine. Collins says an opinion piece the chief wrote about public safety issues with trucks on downtown roads was helpful in her negotiations with lawmakers.On Thursday, the senator worked out a deal to let heavier trucks use interstates in Maine and Vermont for the next 20 years at least.”This is an enormous bill. It covers the entire Department of Transportation, but also the entire Department of Housing and Urban Development, but no matter what issue we were negotiating when we were trying to reconcile the differences between the house and senate bill, I always put in truck weights,” said Senator Collins.The house and senate are expected to vote on the bill next week. From there, it would be sent to the president for his signature.