Police Say Two Waterville Bank Robberies The Work Of Same Man 

Central Maine has been hit with a rash of bank robberies over the past few months.Waterville police believe the same man is responsible for at least two of them. They’re hoping you can help catch him. Police have released new details about Wednesday’s robbery at the Waterville Savings Bank of Maine on Main Street. They say the suspect fled the scene in a green Subaru hatchback.Deputy Police Chief Charles Rumsey says they believe this robbery and a robbery at the Health First Federal Credit Union in September are the work of the same man. “The weapon in both of the robberies was a very large knife,” Rumsey said Thursday. “The robber brandished the knife to the teller in both of these cases while demanding money. So we’re pretty confident this is the same person. Height and build look to be very similar.”In both robberies, the masked suspect also had the same style canvas tote bag to hold the stolen cash and similar clothes. “The robber was wearing a light colored hooded sweatshirt, light gloves that we believe may be some type if fabric or cotton gloves,” Rumsey said.Police are looking into the possibility this man may have also robbed a Winslow Credit Union in August. “We have not ruled it out by any stretch of the imagination,” Rumsey said of that possibility. “We haven’t been able to determine that with a pretty high level of confidence. We’re very confident about our two robberies.” Police say someone out there knows the robber. “They don’t live in a vacuum. They have neighbors. They have friends. They have enemies. They have families. Somebody knows something is going on with this person. Whether you call us because you love this person and want to get them some help or you call us because you hate this person and want to see them in jail. We need to get a phone call.”Rumsey also wants to emphasize these are not victimless crimes. Although the money is federally insured, tellers come face to face with the robbers. “They’re trapped. They’re scared. They don’t want to come to work everyday worrying whether they’re going to be a victim of a robbery.”