Cole Land Transportation Museum to Show 1986 Bangor Parade Friday 

To Cole Land Transportation Museum will be rolling things back to 1986 Friday.The museum will be screening an 18-minute video showing the dedication of the Veterans Remembrance Bridge in Bangor.It was a snowy day when more than eighty units marched through bangor to pay tribute to those who have served our nation.The video will be shown at three Friday afternoon at the museum. Children will also have a chance to interview veterans there.Galen Cole says it’s a way to help the conversation about freedom hit home.”I also challenge these children to interview their own living relatives almost all of them have some and they all agree when they leave her they learned so much from the veterans that they interview a total stranger that they agree to interview their own living family member,” says owner Galen Cole.The museum will close for the season tomorrow at 5.It will reopen in may.