Newcomer Gains Most Votes in Bangor City Council Election 

In Bangor, three city councilors were elected on Tuesday. They are Ben Sprague, Joseph Baldacci, and James Gallant. These three candidates beat out incumbents David Nealley and Rick Bronson. Both Sprague and Gallant are newcomers. Baldacci is a former two-term councilor and mayor.Sprague, who brought in the most votes, says over the past few years the city council has done a lot for downtown development. But he says Bangor is looking for some new energy. “I am young and I think that’s one of my best characteristics in this campaign. The issues Bangor faces are very serious right now. We have an aging population and an inability for young people to move back. These are big issues and we need people with energy and enthusiasm to really take these things on,” said Sprague.Nealley said he was surprised with the outcome of the election, but will remain passionate about the city.”I feel we’ve laid the framework for good momentum in Bangor with this past council. We have done the heavy lifting and Bangor will move forward on a number of fronts including the new civic center and arena, waterfront concerts and hopefully they’ll be mindful of the budget,” said Nealley.Sprague, Baldacci, and Gallant will be sworn in on Monday.