High School Students Pay Tribute to Veterans 

In honor of Veterans Day this Friday, local students hosted an annual celebration.Caroline Connolly takes us to Brewer High School where for the last six years they’ve been saying thank you to service men and women.Skipping first period may have just been the most effective way to teach a high school course in history.”They can learn a lot,” said veteran, Herb Colson.For one hour, students could put the textbooks away, and get a lesson of the past by honoring those who lived it.”I think it’s good for them to know about the Vietnam era where they weren’t appreciated and where the military wasn’t appreciated so much,” said Colson.The school invited veterans for a ceremony their students host yearly, during which they remember what happened at the 11th hour of the 11th day in November of 1918 when World War 1 finally came to an end.”It means everything to me,” said veteran, William Dean.Some have been coming back to the school every November.”I’ve had all the dog tags they’ve given out,” said Dean.Every year, they hope to teach students a lesson that the textbooks sometimes can’t.