Young Voters Hit Polls Early 

Imagine an election year where every candidate is really just as good as they appear, where the campaign promises are all true, and the outcome tastes just as sweet for the winners and losers.Well, when your candidates are teddy grahams and your voters preschoolers, it’s possible.”My favorite kind of cookies are chocolate chip,” said four year old Savannah O’Leary, a student at the Highland Preschool in Hampden.The school gave its students their first look at the voting system.”Because it’s good to vote,” said a classmate.One by one they tried and then voted for their favorite of three flavors: honey, chocolate and chocolate chip. “It gives them a nice introduction to the voting process. Just having the right to say what you think, having a voice,” said their teacher, Kathryn Ravenscraft.The school hopes that one day the students will use their votes to make a difference.