Warden Service Stressing Hunter Safety After 3 Shootings 

Authorities say a hunter in Sebago was shot and killed by another hunter on Saturday. The incident marks the third hunting related shooting since Friday.Lieutenant Dan Scott of the Maine Warden Service says Bill Briggs of Windham was hunting in Sebago when he shot hunter Peter Kolofsky. “Once Mr. Briggs realized what had occurred, he immediately called 9-1-1. At which time the Sebago Fire Department responded and pronounced Mr. Kolofsky dead at the scene,” Scott said Monday.The Maine Warden Service and Maine State Police are investigating the shooting to determine whether Briggs will face charges. “We’re in the fact finding stage at this point of the investigation,” Scott said. :”We will put together a complete investigation and present it to the Attorney General’s office and that will be their decision in the end.”Officials at the Maine Warden Service say that on average, there’s around 8-12 hunting related shooting incidents in Maine each year. In the past 36 hours, there’s been three including the first fatality since 2008. “It seems like the general trend is one of two things,” Scott said, “hunters aren’t practicing safe gun handling procedures or they’re failing to identify their targets.”Scott says the victim in the Sebago shooting was wearing blaze orange, but that didn’t make a difference. Scott says there’s some basic safety practices that hunters need to remember. “Basic safe gun handling skills. Make sure you know what you’re shooting at before you shoot at it. If you are hunting and you see another hunter in the area that does not know you’re there, make yourself known to him. Whistle to him, wave to him get their attention.”Scott says it’s also important for non-hunters to wear blaze orange if they plan on being near the woods during hunting season.rob poindexter, wabi tv5 news, augusta.>