Orrington Man Faces Charges After Shooting Dog to Death 

For Andrew and Lynne Cota, their pets are more than just animals, they’re family.”People wanted to find a dog, people say she’s just a dog, well our dogs are our children,” says Andrew. Louie, Lily and Maggie are known for being fun loving dogs, but on Halloween night, the joy of playtime quickly faded.”They heard something and they ran off into the woods. Louie and Lily came back but Maggie just kept going,” says Lynne.Maggie wandered off into an open field about two miles from home.She was found dead from a gunshot wound Wednesday.”It’s like the light has been drained from our veins, our hope is gone.”53-year-old Seth White of Orrington has been charged with shooting a domestic animal.The Maine Warden Service tells us White was hunting in the area when he shot the German Shepherd. They say he mistook the dog for a coyote.”The shooter can lose all its hunting privileges, ATV or anything that’s involved in the scene,” says Carla Brown with Animal Control Services.But for the Cota’s, nothing the justice system can do will bring their girl back.”That man could have been a hero to us and to everyone who believed in our story in bringing Maggie home, but he pulled his trigger twice and killed our girl.”There is someone Lynne considers a hero, the man who discovered Maggie’s body, Jim Boucher.”You can’t really mistake it for a coyote. It doesn’t kook like a coyote. It made me angry,” he said.It’s an anger that’s shared by many in Orrington.”It has made me more aware of the kindness of strangers, the overwhelming support of friends we don’t even know.”Game Wardens say this incident serves as a reminder that hunters need to be 100-percent sure about their target before shooting. The Cota’s don’t want Maggie to be forgotten. They hope dog owners will learn from the tragedy.”If we have to make vest for every dog for people who don’t have money to get them we’re going to do whatever we can.” To keep her memory alive and keep dogs out of danger.Animal Control says if anyone sees a dog running loose that may, or may not be, chasing deer, it should be reported to the Maine Warden Service.Only Wardens are allowed to dispatch an animal that’s chasing deer.