Farmington Community Uneasy After Halloween Crime Spree 

Three men are behind bars after a string of Halloween night burglaries and a home invasion in Farmington. It comes just five months after an elderly woman was murdered in that town during a home invasion. A crime that’s not been solved.Halloween night in Farmington, police responded to three different burglary complaints where cash, credit cards, and firearms were stolen. Witnesses gave a description of the suspects’ car, a blue Ford Taurus with the driver’s side hubcap missing, to police. Authorities say they found the suspects’ vehicle abandoned on the Seamon road. Farmington Police were joined by a State Police K9 unit and the search began. Shortly after the search started, two of the suspects jumped out of the woods and led police on a short foot chase.That chase ended at Mt. Blue High School where police arrested 27-year-old Kevin Crandall of Wilton and 26-year-old Marcus Thompson of Farmington. Police say both had stolen items on them. Police later arrested 20-year-old Michael Kidd of Chesterville.On Tuesday, police got a call from a retired couple who live on the Seamon road. They said three armed men burst into their home and robbed them before one of the men held the 63-year-old woman hostage and the other two drove her 65-year-old husband at gunpoint to an ATM machine to get more cash. The couple was too scared to report the crime immediately. “They said they were going to watch their house,” Farmington Police Chief Jack Peck Jr. said Thursday. “If the police responded they would kill them. And if they read it in the following days paper they would kill them. Ao this couple was terrified.”This comes just five months after 81-year-old Grace Burton was fatally stabbed during a home invasion in Farmington.At Madore’s Market in Farmington, they’ve taken up a collection to offer as a reward to help find Burton’s killer. The store’s owner, Kevin Madore, says after Monday’s crime spree, residents are uneasy. “I’ve talked to people that have never locked their doors in their life. Now they’re locking their doors. They’re locking their windows. Putting security systems in,” Madore said.Police say at this point, they have no evidence linking the two crimes but the investigation continues. “I have been in touch with the Maine State Police. we are going to look at this home invasion in relation to that homicide.”Meanwhile Farmington residents, like Adam Meyer, continue to wonder. “Whatever happened to that individual? Is he or she out here walking amongst us or has that person moved on somewhere else.”