Cranberry Apple Cake 

12 ounce bag fresh cranberries, rinsed and picked out stems2 mac apples peeled cored and diced/half cup brown sugar1 zest1/4th cuo orange juice1 in a half ts.ground cinnamon2 eggs at room temp.1 cup granulated sugar1 stick butter,melted1 teas.vanilla axtract1.4th cup sour cream1 cup flour4th teas.salt. prep. Preheat oven 350.combine cranberries,apple,brown sugar,orange zest,orange juice,and 1 teas.cinnamon in a medeum bowl.set aside. In a bowl of electric mixure beat eggs on medeum speed for 2 minutes.add 1 cup granulated sugar,butter,vanilla,sour cream to eggs and beat on low until combined.add flour and salt.pour the fruit mixture evenly into pie plate.pour batter over fruit covering it completely.sprincle with 1 tbl.sugar and 1 teas.cinnamon over batter.bake for 60 minutes until bubbly. Recipe Submitted by:Wendy Clewley, Glenburn