Bangor City Councilors View Artist’s Rendering of Troop Greeters Pavilion 

Some Bangor City Council Members got a peek at the artist’s rendering of the Troop Greeter Pavilion that will be at Bangor International Airport.They decided to have the pavilion made about two years ago when the troop greeters reached the milestone of greeting one-million soldiers.It will also give soldiers flying in and out of BIA a place to stand when they are out getting fresh air.Rebecca Hupp, Director of Bangor International Airport says it will be a nice addition.” The great thing about this pavilion is it’s both for the service members and for the troop greeters. It recognizes the greeters with a permanent memorial and recognition of what they’ve done to make our service members feel appreciated and welcomed into our community.”The groundbreaking ceremony for the pavilion is tentatively set for next Thursday. Hupp says folks will be notified as soon as they have a final decision.