Is Pat’s Pizza in Orono Haunted? Part 2 

Patience is a virtue, especially when you’re trying to contact the paranormal. ” If there’s anything you can do to let us know that you might be here, please show us some sort of sign right in this room,” said Nomar Slevik, with Paranormal Reseach in Maine. Sometimes you can get an answer right away, and other times, you get nothing. Group members of Paranormal Research in Maine do the investigations on their own time. This one at Pat’s Pizza in Orono really got rolling around 1a.m. and lasted hours. ” We hope to find something, we expect to find something,” said Slevik. They split into groups, going to different rooms in the building, staying in contact through walkie-talkie. One key to getting a response, is making the spirit or whatever it is, feel comfortable. ” We were talking to your son earlier. It’s really clear that he adored you. Is there anything you’d like to say to him? Again, I have a red light over here. If you say it loud enough we’ll be able to hear it and we’ll pass it on to him,” said Slevik. Most of us heard, saw and felt things we just couldn’t quite explain. ” We heard a fairly loud tap or knock to the right here and then we asked it to do it again and then we immediately heard it right over here,” said Slevik. While some of it could be nothing more than coincidence, it still gives you something to think about. You can check out some of the findings from the investigation by clicking here.