Is Pat’s Pizza in Orono Haunted? Part 1 

It’s not the stereotypical spooky things that have some people feeling eerie in Orono. ” If the ghosts don’t like ya, it will mess with ya,” said a worker at Pat’s Pizza. When the lights go out at Pat’s Pizza, not everyone or everything calls it a night. ” All of a sudden the coffee machine starts up,” said Bruce Farnsworth, owner of Pat’s Pizza. The shops owner, Bruce Farnsworth, says he and others see and hear some things they just can’t explain. Things making them feel like Bruce’s cigar-smoking dad Pat, the original owner, is still around. ” Bob goes, do you smell that? I said yeah, that’s cigar smoke. So we both walked out the front door and looked up and down the street and there’s no body out there smoking a cigar,” said Farnsworth.Almost everyone who works at Pat’s has a story to tell about something weird. ” I saw somebody going across here, going toward the white cooler and I got into this part, I looked and there was nobody in the cooler and the door was shut and the hallway door was locked, ” said an employee. It’s instances like these that convinced Bruce to call in some reinforcements in the form of paranormal researchers. ” We’re here to observe and document and be respectful,” said Nomar Slevik, with Paranormal Research in Maine. The group, Paranormal Research in Maine, or PRIME , has been together for about a year.” A lot of times we’re surprised more often than not by what we catch,” said Slevik. Even more surprising to some is that the group is made up of non-believers. ” It’s very focused, it’s very scientific. We don’t jump to conclusions,” said Slevik. It takes a lot of work. There are cameras, audio recorders and other gadgets. It takes hours of sitting, listening and communicating. Like any good ghost story, it all happens in the dark, but this one doesn’t end until hours of reliving the process to find the answers.