World War II Veteran’s Wish Comes True On 90th Birthday 

It was a very special birthday for World War II veteran Harry Grim from Mechanic Falls who celebrated his 90th birthday Friday.Harry Grim served his country as a tank driver during the second World War, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge and earning numerous medals.Grim had mentioned to his family in the past that he wanted a closer look at a tank that’s been sitting outside the gates at Camp Keyes in Augusta. His daughter Frances spoke with their state representative Jim Hamper about the possibility of celebrating her father’s birthday here. “The World War II connection, the battle of the bulge,” Hamper said Friday recalling the conversation. “Interesting story. She says, oh by the way can we get him on a tank? Is there any way we can make it happen.?”Friday, Harry Grim got his wish. “He didn’t know anything about it. It was a surprise,” Grim’s daughter Frances Gilbert said. Grim got the chance to have that closer look at the tank. One that he says is much different than the tank he drove in World War II. “I wanted to look at one of the newest tanks because they’re twice the size of what we had and a lot more protection,” Grimm said.Grimm was honored by soldiers at Camp Keyes and presented a plaque from Augusta lawmakers thanking him for his service.