UMaine Plans Alfond Arena Renovations with Building’s Atmosphere in Mind 

In february, the Wall Street Journal picked UMaine’s Alfond Arena as the place with the best atmosphere in college hockey.With more renovations nearly finished on the home of the black bears, Prescott Rossi takes a look at what makes the Alfond so special.Since first opening it’s doors in 1977, UMaine’s Alfond Arena has been a major part of the UMaine hockey program. But more than just the building, it’s the thousands of Mainers that have filled the Alfond through the years that make the arena unlike any other in college hockey.Ryan Hegarty – UMaine Senior”That was definitely a selling point for me, the fans, the crowd, the building itself was unbelievable.”Tim Whitehead – UMaine Head Coach”This is a treasured facility for us and we think the best venue in college hockey. It’s got an atmosphere that is just electric.”In order to maintain that electricity, the building is undergoing a 4.85 million dollar renovation project through private donors. over the summer, construction crews installed a new cooling system in the alfond along with new ice, boards, and seats in the lower bowl, but the progress does not stop there.”We always look at our Alfond Arena here like a mini-Fenway Park. Now we’ve done this renovation project. We will expand the Hall of Fame in our next project, improve the front entrance, renovate the rest rooms. Every year, we want to do something like they do at Fenway to really keep this place special.”Joe Carr – UMaine Spokesman”It’s a place where tremendous things have happened throughout the past 30 years or so and certainly we can expect more to come at Alfond Arena.”