*From Diane Bianco’s recipe book, “Let’s Party in Maine.”*1. 3 PILLSBURY PIE CRUST REFRIGERATED PACKAGEBring to room temperature.Pierce with forkCut with 2 ¼ inch cookie cutterFit shells into mini quiche pansBake at 350 degrees for 15 to 18 minutes2. FILLING3 TOMATOES SEEDED-CHOPPED1/3 RED ONION CHOPPED1 CLOVE GARLIC CHOPPED1 TEASPOON DRIED CHIVES1 TABLESPOON FRESH BASIL CHOPPEDCombine all of the above3. TOPPING½ CUP MAYONNAISE2/3 CUP PARMESAN CHEESE¾ TEASPOON DRIED BASIL¾ TEASPOOON DRIED OREGANO1/8 TEASPOON GARLIC POWDERCombine all of the above. The topping can be prepped 1 week ahead Place level teaspoon of filling into baked shells. Place ½ teaspoon of topping on top of filling and bake 5 to 7 minutes till cheese topping is light brown.