Belfast High School Students Get To See Options After Graduation 

Many high school students don’t know what they want to do after graduation. Belfast students got to see some of the options out there. “It’s a college fair. It’s a way to get a lot of colleges to come visit schools. Most of the colleges visiting are from Maine. What we’ve done at Belfast is attach a career fair so we have a lot of career people in the community coming in to talk about their careers.” Organizers say these events often help students see the paths they need to take. ” To connect where they’re headed to what they’re doing now in the classroom that’s the immediate goal and hopefully that will pay off.” They understand college isn’t for everyone. ” There’s a big push in Maine about college ready for all kids. But not all kids want to go to college. So we feel it’s important we expose all kids to all different options.” There were five sessions. Students had to visit at least two colleges. They had a variety of careers to check out. From diesel mechanics and masonry to nursing. ” I’m way more of a hands on learner so this is a lot better for me to actually see people who are doing stuff I want to do later in life.” Senior Wes Sterrs was happy to see jobs he’s interested in. ” I’ve been doing video stuff since I could walk so I’m always looking to learn more about video production and film stuff.” Organizers are always looking to improve the fair, heeding student feedback. ” They’ll do an evaluation at the end of the day. We take that feedback seriously and a lot of the career presenters we invite back. On occasion if it didn’t go over well we might make some adjustments.”