Peaceful Resolution to Enfield Domestic Violence Incident 

What sounded like a violent situation in Enfield ended peacefully on Wednesday.Just before 8:00 AM, police got a call for a domestic disturbance possibly involving a firearm. They went to a rental home on Holiday Lane near Morgan’s Beach.State police say when they arrived the woman who called them was outside. She managed to separate herself from the man who also lives there.Police say they spoke with the man and he cooperated. They could not determine if a weapon was involved.Many state troopers and Penobscot County Deputies responded.”Certainly we know domestic violence cases are very unpredictable so that is a part of our protocol to make sure that we’re safe and the folks we’re responding to help are safe as well,” said Trooper Kyle Willette of the Maine State Police Department. No arrests were made, but the investigation into the incident continues. The woman is back at her home and the man is staying elsewhere.