Gifford’s Ice Cream Buys Maryland Ice Cream Business 

A Skowhegan based ice cream company has announced they’re buying a Maryland based ice cream company and they won’t be spending a lot on new stationary.Gifford’s Ice Cream of Maine is buying Gifford’s Ice Cream and Candy based out of Silver Spring Maryland.Despite the fact that the owners of both companies are named John Gifford (Gifford’s of Maine is also co-owned by Roger Gifford) and they offer similar product lines the two companies have never been linked until now.Lindsay Gifford-Skilling, Vice President of Sales at Gifford’s in Skowhegan says they’re excited to be expanding their business and they’re hopeful it can help generate more jobs. “We’re staying here. We’re growing,” she said Wednesday. “The business will come to Maine. Hopefully fingers crossed we’ll expand in that territory and be able to create more jobs here in Maine. Maybe a second shift.”The Maine based Gifford’s started making ice cream in the early 80’s. Their dairy business goes back a century.