Mount Blue Football Scores 55 Straight Points in Comeback Win Against Waterville 

Only two high school football games in Eastern Maine today. In Class C, Mount View ends the regular season with the highest win total in team history. The Mustangs topped Calais/Woodland 49-14 and go into the playoffs with a 6-2 record.In Class B, Waterville hosting Mount Blue. The Cougars can wrap up the two seed with a win.Opening kickoff of the second half. Panthers trail by seven. Jordan Whitten squibs it. A scrum for the ball. Waterville recovers. Maybe the momentum is going their way, but the Panthers go three-and-out Then on Mount Blue’s first play off the turnover. Eric Berry takes the pitch around the end. Nobody is going to stop him. 68 yards for the score. The Cougars go up 27-14.They weren’t done in the third. QB Jordan Whitney on playaction airs it deep over the middle. A perfect pass to Zak Kendall. Hits the big man in stride for the touchdown. Mount Blue trailed 14-0 in this game. They go on to win 55-14 over Waterville.