Volunteers Make A Difference at Bangor Ronald McDonald House 

Volunteerism is sweeping across the state, at least for one day. “It’s a good feeling. It’s good to maybe get out of your comfort zone and do something to help others,” said Neisha Bragg, a volunteer from Glenburn.These volunteers are participating in McDonald’s Breakfast Makes a Difference Day, sponsored by the Maine McDonald’s Owner/Operator Association. It put out the call for volunteers to help out at non-profits across the state, like this crew lending a hand at the Bangor Ronald McDonald House.”We have beautiful grounds and they’re helping us rake and get rid of some leaves and just prep the grounds for winter,” said Weekend House Manager Deandra Briggs.The Ronald McDonald House is a place for pediatric patients and their families to stay while they’re being treated at local hospitals.”A lot of children who are going through cancer treatments or other types of illnesses, what we do is provide a safe environment and a comforting environment for the families as the children are in the hospital,” said Briggs.On this day and everyday the Ronald McDonald House is thankful to have volunteers.Briggs said, “Volunteers are the core of our operation. We couldn’t exist without it. We rely heavily on volunteers to assist us in different ways around the house.”Volunteers say it’s just their way of giving back.”I mean the Ronald McDonald house does so much for others and to give a few hours on a Saturday is no big deal at all,” said Bragg.But it means a great deal to those who work and stay at the Ronald McDonald House.