Nokomis High Student 1 of 6 in Nation to Receive Award 

In the Thomas family, they take their traditions seriously.”We have a military upbringing that, you know, we should all serve our country,” said Jim Thomas.It started generations ago.”My father had served in the army, I served in the navy.”And continues today with Jim’s daughter, Stephanie.”I started JROTC my freshman year.”Stephanie was motivated by a little family competition then.”My sister did it and I just wanted to beat her in rank.”But four years later, it’s a family history of service that’s landed her here. Stephanie was awarded the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross.”Feel like the biggest person ever, you know, like the President.”It’s given for outstanding scholastic excellence, and Stephanie was one of just half a dozen recipients nationwide.She was honored at a special ceremony.”Obviously, if they’re calling the General, Secretary of State, senators it’s a big deal,” said a classmate.But to Stephanie it’s more like a part of her duty.”It’ll help me get into the college and then off into the military.”To serve her country and continue a family’s legacy.