Belfast Soup Kitchen Celebrates 

The Belfast Soup Kitchen nearly went belly up in 2010. Thursday night, thanks to a community effort, they’re celebrating.The soup kitchen was defunded back in 2010 and would have been forced to close their doors last october. Thanks to a massive fundraising effort they’ve been able to stay afloat.They’ve remodeled the facility complete with a new stove and dishwasher unit. The end result has allowed the Belfast Soup Kitchen to remain a tremendous asset to the community. “We’re creating a lot of good will,” says CEO Alex Allmeyer-Beck. “Feeding a lot of people. We feed between 40 and 60 people per day 5 days a week. That’s a significant number of people.”Two paid positions have also been created by the soup kitchen. They’re celebration begins at 6:00 at the Belfast Soup kitchen. That’s located at 9 Field street. Everyone is welcome.