Hundreds Line Up for Career Fair 

Getting ready for life after college is no easy task.”Ironed my clothes, made sure I looked good,” said University of Maine senior, Keegan Kilroy.There’s the prep work and then the networking.”This is where I found my internship last year, so I’m coming back looking for more,” said Kilroy.But for some students at UMaine, this process is a welcomed rehearsal for what’s to come.”The worst they can say is no and so you’re back at square one,” said Kilroy.The school’s engineering job fair boasted sixty-five employers.”This is our future right here, so I like need to get ahead of this thing,” said international student, Ruth Castillo.The sophomore hopes to catch the eye of any company seeking interns.”I didn’t think I was going to give companies my resume. I don’t know why, I was just so nervous.”Her stack was gone by the end of the day.”I think I have good chances. I don’t want to be cocky or anything but I think I have good chances,” said Castillo.Despite the, at times, bleak outlook on the nation’s job market, the view from here focused on the positives. “The employees wouldn’t come here to this fair if they didn’t want to hire, so it’s evidence that there are jobs out there for engineering students,” said Patty Counihan, Director of Career Services at the university.And hundreds are prepared to fill them.