Central HS Junior Sits Out Field Hockey Playoff Game After Medical Scare 

The playoffs in high school field hockey began today, but a player for Central High has to sit this one out.Kristina Leeds had a bit of a scare yesterday and could only watch today. Tim Throckmorton was at the game.Kristina was at practice yesterday with her Red Devil teammates when her heart started to beat really fast and wouldn’t slow down. She was on the sidelines during today’s quarterfinal game against MCI.Kristina Leeds – Central Junior“The symptoms were rapid heartbeat and tightness in my chest and were you worried yes I was worried and 2 1/2 hours later when mom came home and she said better get it checked out.“Number 15 Kristina Leeds.”“What’s your level of frustration not being able to play?” “It’s really frustrating because I think I could have helped the team and I want to see them go far and do well but knowing I’ll be able to play afterwards is helping a lot.”The next game for Kristina may be this weekend. Her team came back and won in overtime today. She’ll find out tomorrow whether she can get back on the field.