The Nite Show with Danny Cashman Celebrates One Year Anniversary 

There’s a local guy who has been making Mainers laugh late night for a year now. We went behind the scenes of Maine’s only local late night talk show. It’s not New York City, but for Danny Cashman, it’s just as good – maybe even a little bit better. ” We were all a little nervous when we started, but thankfully, so far, it’s gone pretty well,” said Cashman. He’s the host of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman. ” We came into this hoping that people would latch on to it, hoping people would like a local flavor of late night television,” described Cashman. Every Saturday night his show airs across the state. It’s taped at the Next Generation Theater in Brewer and it’s no amateur hour. ” We have six cameras, we have a house band, we have an audience full of people, we have guests, we have an announcer, ” said Cashman .Students and staff from the New England School of Communication help out.” They are dedicated, they are smart, they are driven. They learn quickly and they do it right,” said Cashman. To mark the show’s one year anniversary, radio hosts Mike and Mike from Kiss 94.5 stopped by to have a little fun with their old friend. ” It doesn’t surprise me that the show’s been on for a full year, what surprises me is that there’s been no arrests,” said Mike Elliott with a smile. For Cashman, the show is a dream come true. He’s a Maine boy who caught the entertaining bug years ago. He says there’s nothing better than putting a smile on someone’s face. ” It’s like hitting a golf ball on the sweet spot. If ya drive it 400 yards, you know you drove it 400 yards. I’ve never driven a golf ball 400 yards,” said Cashman. Golf aside, he is driving his show to success. ” I think it’s incredibly difficult to put a show like this together at the level of quality that Danny has managed to do. We congratulate Dan Cashman and we’re very proud to be his friend,” said Elliott. While Mike and Mike are great guests, if Cashman could have anyone to share the stage with he says it’s an easy choice. ” If there was a dream guest that’s kind of a pipe dream, it would be David Letterman,” said Cashman. Letterman hasn’t taken him up on the offer yet, but he has gotten kind of close to his idol. ” A friend of David Letterman’s old director was here and she gave us advice that the director of Letterman’s show passed on the her, so that was kinda good,” said Cashman. Cashman plans to grow the show and hopes to continue making Mainers laugh on the small screen for a very long time. You can catch The Nite Show with Danny Cashman every Saturday night at 11:30 on TV 5. It also airs Saturday night at 10 on WPXT in Portland. For more information on the show click here.