Man Who Allegedy Sent Threatening Letters to Governor LePage Indicted 

A Portland man has been indicted on several charges after authorities say he mailed threatening letters to Governor LePage.51-year-old Michael R. Thomas was indicted in Portland Wednesday on federal charges of threatening members of Congress, mailing threatening communications, illegally possessing a firearm, interstate stalking and making a terrorist hoax.According to the indictment, Thomas mailed threatening letters to Governor LePage, Senator Joe Lieberman(Independent-CT), Representative Steve King(R-IA), and Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin).The indictment also states Thomas owned a firearm after having been convicted of a felony offense.It also alleges that Thomas sent threatening letters to a person in Massachusetts over the course of five years. It also says Thomas allegedly sent a letter that included white power to a Massachusetts address.If convicted, Thomas faces a maximum of ten years in prison on threats to the members of Congress, the firearm charge and the interstate stalking charge.He faces a maximum of five years on threatening mailings to Governor LePage and Walker and the terrorism hoax charge.He faces a maximum possible fine of $250,000 on each charge.