Kristian Burrin’s and Other Recipes for Maine Lobster Chef of the Year Competition 

Three finalists will be cooking off for the title of Maine Lobster Chef of the Year. On Friday, October 21, from noon to 2:30 p.m., Kristian Burrin, Ryan Campbell, and Tom Reagan will compete before a live audience. Chef Kristian Burrin from The Seasons of Stonington Restaurant & Lobster Deck joined Chris Ewing on TV5 News at 5 with recipes for a Trio of Maine Lobster Rolls.Chef Burrin trained at the C.F.A. in Rouen, France and moved on as Head Chef in fine dining establishments throughout London and the South East England. Burrin has a passion for seafood and the ocean and resides in Stonington, Maine with his wife, two sons, and family dog. Chef Burrin’s Trio of Lobster Rolls recipe:Classic Brioche lobster roll – Preparation Time 5-7minsIngredients:2 large broiche rolls 8oz cooked lobster meat2 table spoons mayonnaise Pinch of celery saltLemon zest to garnish 1 oz melted butter 1- Chop the cooked lobster into ¼ inch pieces and mix with the mayonnaise adding the pinch of celery salt and set to the side2- Melt the butter and brush the outside of the brioche roll and grill on medium heat till you have nice grill lines on all sides 3- Cut the brioche rolls in half and fill with 2 oz of the lobster mayonnaise, place in the fridge till needed for plating Asian Lobster Roll – Preparation Time 10-15minsIngredients:For this recipe you will need a fryer and a 1 inch diameter metal cylinder 3 sheets spring roll pastry or egg roll wrappers 1 egg white beaten8 oz cooked lobster meat 3 table spoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon sriracha chili sauce1 table spoon chopped cilantro (save one leaf for garnish)Juice & zest of ½ a lime1 teaspoon very finely chopped ginger 1 teaspoon ready made wasabi 1- Heat the fryer to 300F. Take your spring roll pastry and cut it in half, lay it out and brush the whole sheet with the beaten egg white. Roll one half round the metal cylinder as tight as you can.2- Place the cylinder in the fryer basket and cook til nice golden brown. Remove from the basket and place on kitchen towel. After 2-3 mins pick up the cylinder with a cloth and carefully remove fried pastry. Repeat the steps till all six pastries are fried, leaving them on the towel to drain 3- Take 2 table spoons of mayonnaise and mix in the ginger, chili sauce, lime juice & zest and cilantro 4- Chop the cooked lobster into very small pieces and mix into the mayo, carefully fill the pastry cylinders and place in fridge till need 5- To make the wasabi mayonnaise, take 1 table spoon of mayonnaise and mix together with the wasabi South American Lobster Roll – Preparation Time 25 minutesIngredients:1 large sheet of puff pastry 8 oz cooked lobster meat4 oz grated gruyere cheese grated (try to use a good imported aged one)1 egg beaten for brushing ½ teaspoon cumin seeds 1 fresh corn cob 4 oz cherry tomatoes cut into quarters 1 fresh red chili finely sliced (de-seeded if you don’t want it to hot)1 table spoon dark brown sugar1 table spoon red wine vinegar 1 table spoon finely chopped cilantro 1- Pre heat oven to 350F, cut the puff pastry into four 3 inch by 4 inch rectangles and lay out on a baking tray with parchment paper2- Chop the lobster into ½ inch pieces and place in the middle of the pastry, then dived the grated cheese between them putting it on top of lobster.3- Brush round the edge of the pastry with the egg and then fold over to make a roll making sure that the join is together. Then turn over so the joint is on the bottom .4- Brush the top of the pastry with egg and let dry for a few minutes, then repeat the brushing and sprinkle the cumin seed over the top. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes till it is nice and golden brown.5- To make the relish cut the corn of the cob and place in small pan, add the cherry tomatoes, chili, sugar and vinegar and bring to boil6- When the relish has boiled reduce the heat and simmer for around 10 minutes, remove from the heat and cool when it has cooled add the chopped cilantro.To plate the dish with all three rolls, place the classic lobster roll at one end of the plate , put some wasabi mayonnaise in the middle and run a spoon throw it to make a streak and place the asian lobster rolls on top. At the other end of the plate place the south american lobster roll and put some corn relish on the corners. Then impress and enjoy.The Other Competitors:Chef Ryan Campbell studied at the Culinary Institute of America where he went on to pursue his career in several seaside locations such as San Francisco, California, Newport, Rhode Island and of course throughout the state of Maine. Campbell currently is the Head Chef at Lake Parlin Lodge and Cabins and has in the past participated in several festivals including one of which took place in Kinsale, Ireland. Chef Campbell’s will present Maine Lobster Menage A Trois (Maine Lobster Three Ways)at the competition.Chef Campbell’s Maine Lobster Menage A Trois recipes:Maine Lobster Cake served with Mango ChutneyMaine Lobster Cake- Prep Time: 35 mins.Ingredients:Lobster meat, Diced 2ozRed Onion, Small Dice 2 tspBaby Sweet Peppers, orange and yellow small dice 2 tspGarlic, minced 1 tspScallions 1 tspMayonnaise 1 ½ TPanko Crumbs 2 TSalt and Pepper to tasteOil 2 tspButter 1 tsp1. In a small mixing bowl, combine Lobster, red onion, baby sweet peppers, garlic and scallions. Next add Mayo and mix.2. Combine with Panko bread crumbs, and make sure that mixture is fully mixed. Taste and add Salt and Pepper, if needed.3. Chill for about 15- 20 minutes in refrigerator 4. Pull Lobster Cake mix out and form a patty in your hand.5. Heat up sauté pan and get almost smoking add oil, and butter.6. Place lobster cake in pan and sear for about 1 ½ minutes on each side. Pull out and reserve to the side till, plate presentation.7. Make sure oven is preheated to 370 degrees for plating.Mango Chutney -Prep Time: 15 mins.Ingredients:Mango Chutney Ingredients Amount Mango, small dice 3 TVegetable oil 1 TButter 2 tspGinger, minced 1 tspGarlic, minced 1 tspSugar 2 tspWater 4 T1. Heat up sauté pan and add oil, butter, mango, garlic and ginger.2. Cook down for about a minute3. Add water and sugar and cook down till the mango has broken down to be tender.4. Before serving throw in fresh chopped parsley.Lobster Spring Roll, with Roasted Sweet Onions, Napa Cabbage, Avocado CreamLobster Spring Roll -Prep Time: 15 mins.Ingredients:Lobster, chopped 2 ozOlive oil 1 TButter 2 tspRed onion small dice 2 tsp Carrot small dice 2 TNapa Cabbage 2 TGarlic, minced 1 tspEgg Roll Wrapper 1 eaBasil 1 tspSalt to tasteParsley 1 tspVidalia onion, roasted 2 tSoy sauce 1 TSugar 2 tsp1. Sauté carrots, red onion, cabbage and garlic, till tender.2. Add Soy sauce and sugar, cook for about 30 seconds, then pull off heat and add chopped Basil and Lobster. Keep to the side.3. Prep egg roll wrapper. Line up on cutting board, placing lobster mixture in middle of wrapper. Place roasted onion slices on mixture.4. Begin to moisten the edges of the wrapper. Fold in the sides about ¼ inch, and then begin rolling, making sure that the end of the wrapper is still moist to seal the wrapper.5. Heat up sauté pan with vegetable oil about 1/8 inch high for a shallow pan fry. Proceed to brown the roll. Pull out when golden brown and place on paper towels to get rid of any excess grease. When almost ready to serve with the rest of the plate make sure oven is 370 degrees to heat up for five minutes before platingAvocado Cream -Prep Time: 8 mins.Ingredients:Avocado Cream Ingredients Amount Avocado, small dice 2 TSour cream 1 TLemon juice 1 tspSalt and pepper to tasteRoasted Lobster Claw Ingredients AmountLobster Claw 1 ea1. Combine avocado, sour cream, lemon juice and mix till smooth and creamy.2. Cover with plastic wrap and chill till service.Roasted Lobster Claw, Wild Mushroom Ragout, and Crispy Sweet Corn Fritter, Apple Smoked Bacon-Prep Time: 30 mins.Apple Smoked BaconIngredients:Bacon 1 ea1. Preheat Oven to 375 degrees.2. Add Bacon for 15 minutes.3. Pull out and reserve.Crispy Corn FritterIngredients:Crispy Corn Fritter Ingredients Amount Corn Kernels 2 TGarlic, minced 1 tspButter 2 tspFlour 3 TSugar 1 ½ T Salt 1 tspEgg 1 oz1. Heat up sauté pan: add butter, corn, and garlic, cook till you begin caramelizing the corn. Then put to side and reserve.2. Combine, flour, sugar, salt, egg,and butter. Mix thoroughly.3. Mix batter with corn.4. Heat up sauté pan and when hot, add mixture and pan, and form crispy corn fritter, to traditional pancake shape. 5. Flip when golden brown. Serve immediately or reheat in oven at 370 degrees for 2 minutes.Wild Mushroom RagoutIngredients:Red onion 1 tspGarlic 1 tspBaby Bella, Oyster, and Shiitake Mushrooms 3ozButter 2 tspOlive Oil 1 tspParsley 1 tspThyme 1 tsp1. Clean Oyster, Shiitake, and Baby Bella mushrooms, making sure that there is no dirt on them.2. Sauté in a heated pan with oil and butter, leaving the mushrooms be for a few minutes to brown.3. Add thyme, and deglaze with a little bit of water to pull up the natural fond from the pan. Creating the ragout. Pull aside, and before serving add butterProduction (Time: 8 mins.) Make sure oven is heated to 370 degrees.1. When heated, place lobster cake, spring roll, and the Lobster claw in oven for 6 minutes.2. Next begin to heat up chutney and mushroom ragout, separately. Adding a tsp of butter in ragout, to create creamy rich flavor.3. On a rectangle plate, place the mango chutney on the far left of the plate. 4. Proceed to place the mushroom ragout on the far right of the plate.5. Using two spoons make a cannel with avocado cream and place directly in the center of the plate.6. With about two minutes left for the lobster cake and spring roll, place the piece of bacon and corn fritter on sizzle plate, to bring item up to cooking temp of about 140 degrees.7. Now when items in oven are done, make sure that all are reading 140 degrees internally.8. Place cake on Mango chutney. Cut spring roll on the bias for angle cut, and put one side lying down on plate with one cross on top.9. On top of ragout place crispy corn fritter, next place bacon on top of fritter, then followed by the Lobster Claw.10. Garnish with a scallion slice on Lobster claw.11. Serve.Chef Tom Reagan not only has a passion for the culinary arts, but also a successful track record in real estate. He received an associates degree in Culinary Arts in 1995 and has won several cooking contests and accolades as a local Maine chef in is proud to have already been a finalist in the Maine Lobster Chef of the Year Contest in the past. Chef Reagan will be making Slow Poached Lobster Tail at the competition.Chef Reagan’s Slow Poached Lobster Tail recipes:Slow Poached Maine Lobster Tail NipponeseThe portion presented here calls for 4 ounce lobster tail as a starter course.Rice Cake RecipePreparation time: 15 minutesEquipment:Heavy bottom sauce pot with coverStainless bowlSmall Pyrex bake dish or similarRubber spatulaPie pan or similarIngredients:4 cups cooked Sushi rice, according to package instructions, still hot¼ cup Mirin¼ cup rice wine vinegar2 tablespoon honey1 tablespoon black sesame seeds1 tablespoon white sesame seedsPlace hot rice in stainless bowl. Add all ingredients except seeds. Blend very well with rubber spatula. Place mixture in Pyrex dish, pack firmly, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled. Mixture should be about one inch deep and may not fill entire dish. Best if left overnight to chill. Mix black and white sesame seeds together, spread over pie pan or other flat surface. Cut cooled rice mixture into 2 inch strips and remove dish. Cut into desired shape with sharp chef knife. Garnish sides of rice cakes by pressing onto seeds. Rice cakes can be made several days in advance. Refrigerate to store. To serve, place on sheet pan, heat at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.Orange Miso Coleslaw DressingPreparation time: 15 minutesEquipment:Hand held juicerSmall strainerSmall sauce panFine graterElectric blenderFunnelPlastic squeeze bottleIngredients:Zest of 1 orange1 cup fresh squeezed orange, approximately 4 juicy oranges1 teaspoon grated ginger½ teaspoon grated garlic½ teaspoon wasabi paste¾ teaspoon tamari2 teaspoon white miso1 teaspoon honey1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar1 tablespoon mirin½ cup vegetable oilpinch of saltZest one orange then juice all oranges, strain out pulp and place in sauce pan with ginger and garlic. Reduce to ¼ cup of orange syrup. Put syrup and remaining ingredients except vegetable oil and salt in blender. On high speed slowly add oil to emulsify. Season dressing with just a pinch of salt if needed. Funnel into squeeze bottle for service. Coleslaw dressing can be made several days in advance. Refrigerate to store. Bring to room temperature before service. Shake well before using.Coleslaw vegetable preparationPreparation time: 15 minutesEquipment:MandolinVegetable peelerBowlIngredients:1 small zucchini1 carrot1 summer squash1 cup shredded Savoy cabbage1 cup shredded red cabbage2 or 3 shitake mushrooms, caps onlyWash carrot, zucchini and squash. Peel carrot and fine julienne it using mandolin into 1.5 inch lengths. Use mandolin to julienne the outer portion of the zucchini and squash, the same size as the carrot, being conscious to maintain a uniform and colorful peel. Shred or finely slice cabbages. Finely slice mushroom caps. Toss vegetables and mushrooms in a stainless bowl to mix ingredients. Refrigerate covered until needed. Mix can be made a day in advance. 15 minutes before service toss vegetable mix with miso dressing to taste, about one-third cup. Check seasoning.Lobster Tail PreparationPreparation time: 15 minutesEquipment:Stock potIngredients:4, 1 ½ pound, hard shell lobstersSteam whole lobster for two minutes then remove with tongs. Twist tail offbody. Remove par cooked tail meat, whole. Clean tail of tamale remnants.Remove intestinal vein, optional. Skewer tail to maintain shape before poaching. Save claws and knuckles to make stew or lobster rolls.Lemon Butter SauceEquipment:Small sauce panWiskIngredients:½ cup Seasoned rice wine vinegar¼ cup dry white wine3 teaspoons minced shallot¼ cup heavy cream1 cup unsalted butter, cubed, cold2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juicePinch saltReduce vinegar and wine with shallots to a syrup consistency in sauce pan on medium heat about five minutes. Add heavy cream to reduction. Reduce cream for a minute until thickened. Whisk in cold butter one cube at a time until fully incorporated and just starting to simmer. Whisk in lemon juice and salt to taste. This is the slow poaching liquid. Keep liquid very warm, approximately 150 degrees. Place lobster tails in sauce and return to simmer. Cover and remove from heat, let stand about 10 minutes. Return to heat for a minute or two prior to service.Plating:Place rice cake in center of plate.Artfully place tail on rice cake.Garnish with coleslaw.Drizzle small amount of lemon butter sauce and coleslaw dressing on plate andlobster.Serve immediately.For more information about Harvest on the Harbor and to purchase tickets to the event please visit