Take This Job and Love It: Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium 

If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey at [email protected] this Take This Job and Love It Chelsey Anderson heads to a sweet stop in Bar Harbor. Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium was happy to get the help. It all started with their famous ice cream.———————“We are making lobster ice cream.””It’s made with real Maine lobster, comes from local lobster pounds. We buy the lobster meat cooked, we chop it up here, we throw it in butter and when the ice cream is coming out of the machine we just mix in the lobster as it’s coming out.” “How do you end up not eating it?” “You don’t end up not eating, but quality control is important.””Start loading in the actual cream and flavoring ingredients for the base.”While the ice cream mixed, Rory filled out labels for our buckets and I chopped the lobster meat. 10 pounds would go into today’s recipe. Then I mixed the meat with butter and a secret ingredient.”Magic potion.””And it smells delicious already!” “So, right now it’s just like the lobster you’d be eating at home.”After the ice cream finished thickening it was time to fill buckets.”We’re going to pour half the bucket and we’re going to mix in a huge fist full of lobster. Mix it in completely. Pour the rest of the bucket. Do it again. We’re going to decorate a little on top. Ah beautiful. I’d buy that. Put a cover on it. And throw it in the walk-in.”550 buckets of ice cream would fill that freezer this summer.From there there are waffle cones made that are dipped in chocolate and candies or nuts, and the ice cream is served to customers.But while they ate their ice cream I still had more to do.”Is that how much candy we’re making?””We’re going to make pecan turtles.” “That’s a lot of candy.”Jamie had already put corn syrup in the pot. I added sugar, hard fat, water and a couple other ingredients.Then we just take the wooden spoon. “How cool.” “You want to stir it.” “Yeah sure!” “Ok.” “I just stir it like a, like a cauldron?” “Yep.”I turn the propane on and wait for a good boil.”Then we put this in?” “This is the flavoring.””It smells good.” “That’s my deodorant.” (laughter)”This is the fun part.” “Ok.””We’re going to take a dropper and put carmel in it.” “I’ll do a couple then you give it a whirl.” “It’s like you’re painting the road.””Fresh off the press.””Oh my gosh.” “It’s so good!”After the carmel cools we dip them in chocolate and they’re ready for purchase.So after all the work I did, would I be hired?”Oh, I’m sure we could find a spot for you.” “Thank you so much!”If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey at [email protected]