Police Trying To Determine If Bangor Stabbings Are Related 

Police are trying to detemine if two stabbings that happened in Bangor early Wednesday morning are related. Just after 5:00 Wednesday morning Bangor police were called to the emergency room at Eastern Maine Medical Center for a report of a 27-year-old man who had been stabbed. Around three hours later, Bangor Police Seargeant Paul Edwards says they got another similar call. “While detectives were up there around 8:00 a.m. we received a call from Newport Police Department where the chief had called and said he had a person there who had also been stabbed and it may have happened in Bangor,” Edwards told reporters.That victim has been identified by Newport Police Chief Leonard Macdaid as 22-year-old Jonathan Lehman, who was found lying in the parking lot of an Irving gas station just off of I-95.An employee there says Lehman had a stab wound to the abdomen and a cut on the back of his head. Lehman told police he was stabbed in Bangor. He was taken to a Pittsfield hospital before being transported to Eastern Maine Medical Center. A woman with Lehman when he was found in Newport, 37-year-old Shauna Smart of St. Albans, was arrested and charged with drug possesion and violating conditions of her release. Bangor Police are trying to figure out what led to these attacks. “We’re not sure,” Edwards said when asked if the two stabbings were related. “On the surface it looks that way but right now we’re still trying to determine and put those pieces together. It’s still under investigation as to whether or not those are related.”Bangor Police detectives have talked to both victims. “I would also say that the public is not in any danger at this point,” Edwards said. “This is not some random act of someone going around stabbing people. we believe it’s something that’s within a group of people that are known.” Both stabbing victims are recovering at Eastern Maine Medical Center.