Bookworm Reading Program Wiggles Its Way to Guilford 

For Walter Boomsma there’s nothing like a good book and that’s why sharing his favorite tales gives him the most pleasure.”Originally we thought we would read to the kids but it made more sense that they read to us,” he said.Through the Bookworm Reading program, Boomsma and the other volunteers at the Valley Grange let second and third graders do the talking.And it’s a lot different from the days when he first learned how to read.”Most of us that are reading to the kids came from the “See Dick Run” era and these kids are reading at incredible levels things you would not expect of second graders.”The Bookworm Program wiggled its way into Piscataquis Elementary School several years ago.Boomsma and the volunteers have become more than just adults with books, they’ve become friends.”Letting the kids see that there’s an adult who’s not a teacher, not a parent that’s interested gives them an outlet where they can talk about things and we have confidentiality policies.”And it seems Boomsma’s passion is inspiring others to get lost in the pages of a book, too.