Local Farm Celebrates Statewide Event 

It can be the simplest things in life that make us the happiest, and down on Balfour Farm, it’s twelve cows that put a smile on Heather Donahue’s face.”Oh, it’s yummy. I don’t know if it’s called Yankee thrift, but why buy something if you can make it?”They’ve become the main ingredient in her family’s business plan.”We had all this wonderful milk. Why not turn it into other things we can eat?”First, trying a few recipes out in the kitchen.”Cheese, yogurts, greek yogurts.”And now cooking in what used to be a shed and garage.”The pasteurizer gets washed on a daily basis, sometimes two or three times a day.”This year, the family invited the public for Maine’s Open Creamery Day.”We moved here from northern New York. So, it’s kind of a way to communicate to people that we’re here.”It’s a statewide event aimed at introducing the consumers to the producers.”If you’re going to the source, you know exactly where your product is coming from,” said customer, Jennifer Hacker.The Donahues hope to open their own store here.”I don’t actually buy cheese at the store anymore. If we don’t make it or get it from another cheese maker we just don’t eat it.”With plans to carry only theirs and other locally made cheeses, they seem to be milking the taste for all it’s worth.