High School Students Come Together to Put Depression Into the Spotlight 

Area high school students didn’t spend Dunday hanging out at the mall, instead they spent it at school.”Some figures say 20-25 percent of teens at some point in time will experience anxiety or depression or both,” says Acadia Hospital’s Alan Cameau.It’s a statistic that hits close to home for Hermon High School sophomore Faith Bishop.”I’ve dealt a lot with depression and anxiety from myself from everyone around me because there’s a lot of it in high school.”Which is why she wrote a screenplay about two students who deal with depression their senior year of high school.The script is now being brought to life with the help of Acadia Hospital and Project Aware.Once its finished, the film will be distributed to schools across the state.”This is just one piece of the puzzle one way to hopefully shift perspective and attitude and empower young people to encourage those around them to provide support,” Cameau said.Support for the film has come from beyond the halls of Hermon High.Students from Bangor High School, Old town, Hampden, and Brewer participated in the film.”I wasn’t expecting it honestly so it was a great surprise seeing this many people show up and having all of this,” Bishop said.Bringing teenagers together to put this important issue into the spotlight, in hopes what they learn today will help them tomorrow.