Orono Community Members Harvest for the Homeless 

Last spring, this garden was just a seedling idea. “We planted the garden and watered and all of that awesome stuff and weeded all through the summer,” said Nash Allan-Rahill, whose family works on the garden.With their hard work, it grew. To name just some of their crops, they planted tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and onions, plus several kinds of flowers. The garden’s maintained by a group called CISV, which is an international travel program for children.”To make global friendships and promote peace both within the community as well as globally,” said Brian Rahill of Orono, explaining the mission of CISV.The fruit of their labor was harvested and will now help feed members of their community. “We’re going to be creating a soup and serving that soup in the area homeless shelters,” said Rahill.”It makes me feel really good like I’m actually making a difference here in my community,” said Maddy Allan-Rahill.Their plan is for this hearty, vegetable soup to provide the basis for one meal a month from October to May.”We’re actually preserving the food and freezing it in freezers that are at the Birch Street School right here on the site so we’re able to store that so we can make the soup over this 8 month period,” said Brian Rahill.”The soup tastes good. We’ve done some test runs on the soup and it’s good soup,” said Nash.They call it the Harvest for the Homeless and they hope it will inspire others.”There are people in this community who aren’t the best off and so it’s a good to help and it’s fun too, just to work in the garden,” said Maddy.Over the long winter, they’ll continue maintaining the garden so it will be ready for another year of growth and giving.