Husson Football Falls to 0-4 with OT Loss to Becker 

Husson opening conference play against Becker.14-7 Becker in the second quarter. Third and long, Kash Keezer of Orono connects over the middle with Imadhi Zagon of Portland. He jukes his way into the endzone. 39 yard touchdown. Zagon picks up a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.Game tied 14-14 after regulation. This game goes to overtime.Husson gets the ball first. After a three and out, Douglas Dieuvieul for the lead from 37 yards out. It’s got the distance, but it’s wide right. Becker with a chance to win the game.They move the ball to inside the five. Robert Baker hands it to Kyle Gregg. He punches it in for the score and the win. Becker takes it in overtime 20-14. Husson falls to 0-4 this year.