Ellsworth School a Nicer Place; Students Rewarded for Positive Behavior 

So often we hear about the things we do wrong and it can be discouraging.A local school is trying to focus more on the positive. As we found out, the program seems to be meeting its great expectations. It seems like a simple lesson. ” If somebody helps somebody pick up a bunch of pencils that they spilled all over the floor then they should get a reward, like, good job, you did something good,” explained Zeke Hitchcock, an 8th grade student at Ellsworth Elementary and Middle School.But it’s not everywhere you get credit where credit is due. ” Some students, if they don’t get anything back, they’ll just be bad,” said Avery Jester, a 7th grader at the school. At Ellsworth Elementary and Middle School PBIS has been put into action for 5th through 8th graders. ” It’s a process of teaching students what’s expected in each venue of the school. Venue being a hallway, cafeteria, bathroom,” said Principal Jim Newett. Students were given topics and asked to come up with a creative way to show the right and wrong way to do things. ” Running to the bus for bad and then walking instead of running for good,” said Jester. ” Don’t jump, be nice, don’t be too loud,” said Hitchcock.Principal Newett says the decision to start the program was an easy one. ” We actually saw behaviors that weren’t good to the point where we know we needed to do something.”It seems to be working. The proof is in the Falcon Pride Cards that are given out when a student does a good deed.” We had 334 of those cards given out during the first 15 days of school as opposed to just 12 negative detentions during that same period,” said Newett. ” If it’s not a very nice school then no one would really want to enjoy it,” said Hitchcock. ” It’s worth the investment. The school is a happier place,” said Newett. And a nicer one now.